Saturday, June 29, 2013

More Than Fire

The human body.
its shape,
its swirling white
more than stone and water
fire and air.

Though the rock
is pink and speckled,
the collective
of blackness lingers
holds out its fingers
and I lick
just to get a sense
of the taste.

In this body
set out before me
there is something
Spheres and music
pungent earth
that threads
the meme.
Scent that holds
onto the white caps
of the ocean.

Others came and went
and the spheres
turned like magic
in the sky.
Grand moving strangeness.

Over there was
only darkness and
stars that called my
in code.

Though it starts to shine
in the setting sun
I hold my breath for
the twilight.

Later I would begin,
I could smoke
just as myths
just like sex
just like the dreams
I had always hidden away
under my pillow before the
rising light.

Did we truly live there
beneath the oaks
and yellow leaves?

Some will call them angels
others will forget
their calls and blue eyes
and the song that
carried their secrets.

The human body,
its shapes,
the swirling white
is more than stone and water
fire and air.

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