Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Love Song

You found me,
With a camera,
Staring at the fields of train cars
and the colored boxes that sail the seas.

And I smiled at the clouds

You found me
And you saw me through the scratched glass
You saw me,
through the layers I had yet to scrub
There were doors
Heavy gates
Wooden posts and splinters

And with my camera
Staring at those buildings that passed
The signs
The espresso cup
that revolutionized the world

I saw you
Moving like a black haze through yellow lights
And woolen coats
and all those eyes that never looked

And that camera
The closed lens
The open lens that brought you
The stairs
The door
Open just a crack
That train, forever moving
Back and forth
Back and forth
Moving all of us

Moving me towards you
You towards me

And now the song plays
Now the tears flow like they never have
Now the song plays and the piano dances
And I wonder how
it could have ever been different
I never played
I never danced
I never sang
And now I play
And now I sing
And now I dance
Now there is music
Streaming right in
And your hands move
Through buttons and channels and
I listen
Dancing to your music
Watching as it flies towards me
in great gusts of red and blue
and black.

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