Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Couple On The Edge

The woman looked into the man’s eyes, feeling the desire in them, the need in them, their vibrant burning state of unsatisfied possibility. She was on her knees on the wet grass, just a few feet away from the concrete path that made its way around the lake. Her body was bent forward, so that her breasts and her shoulders were only inches from the man’s chest. She wore a loose beige sleeveless top, tied together with slim brown cords that left most of her belly exposed, along with her shoulders and her arms. Her pants were a light maroon with black adornments, slim cords and ruffles. They were very tight and they had open circular holes where the flesh of her tanned legs was exposed and outlined to create a clear contrast to the maroon fabric. As she leaned forward, the pants were pulled back, exposing the full round mounds of her wide buttocks, left completely uncovered by a thin white thong that ran up from the edge of the pants to the bony edge of her spine. Her hair was curly and wild, and it fell in great waves of blackness over her face and onto the man’s shoulders and head. She wore no shoes and the soles of her feet were very white and they reflected the light of the sun like tiny mirrors of pink flesh.
The man was laying on his side, his legs together and pulled up. He was wearing long light brown shorts that extended down to his knees butt left his hairy lower legs exposed. His shirt was tie dyed and it hung loose around his arms, pulled up and leaving his hairy belly out in the open. He had a short trimmed beard and long dirty blonde hair, tied in a loose pony tail. His face was turned upwards towards the woman, protected from the sun by her intimate shadow. His knees were bent and oscillated back and forth on the wet surface of grass and soil.
Just above them, on the concrete path and on the muddy shore of the lake, a group of little girls was having a party and the couple could hear the high squeals of celebration and the urgent requests for cake and more cake. Cars passed by every so often, moving slowly around the curve that led to the little parking lot behind the wooden building at the edge of the water, where the boats were rented and people ate candy and ice cream. There were several tall trees that towered over the couple like giant guardians that looked down upon them in quiet and solemn approval. The breeze passed through the branches, making them tremble, and dry leaves fell in graceful dances of death every few minutes, choosing this gentle afternoon to end their quiet lives. The branches of the tall trees were not long enough to create a full shadow over the couple, so the sunlight from the south fell on them directly like a ray of liquid light that covered them in a thin layer of shiny sweat.
Their faces were close together and their eyes were glued upon each other, forming an invisible sphere of stillness and silence that simply willed away all extraneous sounds and movement, leaving them pressed together in a warm loose embrace of sunlight, open, vulnerable, sweaty and alone. The woman’s lips came down to his and there they stayed for a moment. The man reached up and pressed his mouth onto hers. She responded by opening her mouth a bit further, kissing him with a lightness that could barely hide the intensity that roamed through her skin like tiny flares exploding on the hot surface of her solar body. Her body moved forward and she pressed into him more tightly, her breasts lightly touching his arm.
Then she pulled back her mouth and he smiled slightly and she smiled as well, in a subtle message of understanding and common aim. She moved sideways along his face and kissed his cheek and the edge of his ear. The man sighed with pleasure and his right arm reached up to caress her naked shoulder. She extended her tongue and drew a narrow line of saliva from his ear to the edge of his mouth. Then she kissed his lips again and he responded by raising his body from the grass and curling his fingers tightly around her shoulder. She licked at his lower lip and let the tip of her tongue travel down to his chin where she drew little circles at the edge of his beard. He pulled himself up slightly and ran his left hand over her lower back, feeling the protruding vertebrae as they traveled down to the edge of her slim underwear. Her tongue made its way back to his mouth and there it met his tongue, and they licked each other in slim caresses of saliva, flesh and hunger.
She pulled up and away once again, her eyes like narrow slits as she looked down at his chest and his exposed belly. She slid down the grass and licked at the hairy flesh around his belly button. His stomach responded by shaking with soft laughter and his left hand traveled to the back of her neck, feeling the soft skin under the back of her head. His hand then traveled into the wildness of her curly hair, trailing the edges of soft blackness between his extended fingers. Her breasts were now pressed against his thigh and her tongue was drawing wider circles around his belly button, reaching down to the edge of his pants. Her hands caressed at the sides of his torso and he turned onto his back, his knees raised and slightly apart. She pulled up her body over him and kissed his upper abdomen, pulling up his shirt to feel his naked skin against her lips, and he responded by lifting his lower body towards her, pressing his growing erection against the side of her chest. She looked up at him and smiled full of lust and pleasure and he responded with a full smile of his own. She pulled her whole body over his and came to rest on top of him, straddling his stomach with her crotch, pressing her breasts against his chest and leaning over his face, to lick once again at his lips. He draped his arms around her and pulled her tight into him, as if he could swallow her whole body into his. She offered no resistance and their tongues intertwined once again in the shared space between their lips and in the strange wet open wound of their hungry mouths. She slid down his body softly, feeling his erection pressing up against her crotch, sliding back and forth over it, ever so slowly, ever so subtly. He pulled on her again and their faces were like one as they both closed their eyes, swimming in a vastness of clouds of color against oceans of black.
She slid off to the side and once again she was on her knees, pressing up against his side, kissing his cheek and licking at his right ear. She could taste the salty texture of his sweat like a gift of vulnerable softness that escaped from his rough male skin. She relished it and licked further up to his temple and up to his forehead while his hands caressed the softness of her tanned brown shoulders and her smooth moist neck. She slid down and wiggled her whole body against his and he laughed and held her face between his hands and kissed her fully on the lips again and she kissed him back, both of them laughing as their tongues made circles around each other.
The lake was only a few feet away and their hot skin yearned for the cool touch of soothing water and caressing waves. Their van was a few feet away in the other direction and their hot skin yearned for the welcoming embrace of its darkness and the sealed finality of its locked doors and walls. But they were now a couple on the edge, on the edge of release, on the edge of madness, on the edge of a cliff that fell onto the dark shadows of sleep, of sensibility and carefulness, of thoughts of other people and their possible reactions, of the past and the future, of consequences and causes, of reasons, of faults and of blame.
Here on the edge there was no such thing. They floated gently together on a bubble of potential and every move they made lifted them higher onto clouds of possibility. Flying together as they were, there was no need for finality, there was no need for release. The cooling kisses of the water could wait, the closed doors and darkness could wait. Here on the edge was the dance that had no purpose, the song that had no cadence, the poem that held no hidden meaning, the kiss that had no end. Their bodies would shift and slide and vibrate and sigh on the edge for as long as they could manage, maybe another minute, maybe ten, maybe even an hour. Eventually their bodies would surrender and they would stumble over the edge like dry leaves falling to their death on a warm afternoon. But for now, they would fly together, a kiss here, a touch there, a gentle drawing of circles with the salty substance of life over eager pink skin. For now, they would dance on the edge, just a little longer.

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