Saturday, August 18, 2018

Without Eyes or Force

my king, my god
barely recognizable in the wind
shining in the moonlight

my king, my god
its shape incomprehensible
in the swirling phenomena
of a myriad structures and forms
that surround it.

It devours all true memory
all sense of the past
is torn away
from underneath me
leaving me cold and alone
hesitant and uncertain.

Here, in this place,
I see
it is thinking that began time,
and language that gave it shape.
And now time stirs
revealing the hidden treasures
of entropy and death.

Certain questions will
forever remain
suspended in space
without answers
without conclusions
vibrant in their
refusal to fall.

behind the black curtain
the night envelops me
and a body
without eyes or force
forever becomes
a sound
vibrating air
somehow shining
in the moonlight.

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