Tuesday, July 15, 2014


There was still some life left in the central star, a pulsing red heart close to extinction. The flame soon to be extinguished, the warmth soon to bleed out into the cold expanse, and yet there was still some life left. Enough to nourish a dragon and send it out with a message.

"Tell them that I was here. That I lived, that I gave life freely for billions upon billions of years. That my children grew up around me and became other than they were until at last they needed me no more and moved on. Tell them that I too changed and changed again until I was turned inside out with change. Tell them that I am not gone, but that I have gone on. Or tell them nothing and simply fly, my last creation before I am the absence. Now go swiftly, or I will not be able to help taking you with me as I collapse."

The dragon shot out like a spark into the great beyond. When it was a safe distance away it stopped to watch the heart from which it was issued turning black.

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