Sunday, October 11, 2009

Anaconda On The Loose

One day the pet Anaconda in Mr. Wagman’s 1st grade class got out of its tank.
The class had forgotten to feed him for a whole year, so he was very, very, hungry.
He slithered behind Mr. Spooner who was mopping up somebody’s spilled milk.
He slithered up the long stairway.
He slithered past the 5th grade classes…
And past the 4th grade classes…
And past the 3rd grade classes…
And right into a second grade class room. Room 22, to be exact.
Nobody saw him wriggle by. Nobody saw him lift the latch with his nose, opening the guinea pig cage.
Nobody saw the guinea pigs leap out past the big snake’s wide open hungry mouth.
They ran right out of room 22 and into room 21 and leaped into the fish tank to hide.
Would you believe that nobody saw them come in?
Would you believe that nobody saw the Anaconda come slithering in either?
He was on his way to drink up all the water and swallow both guinea pigs and all the fish when something better caught his eye.
Cassandra and Olivia were cutting out paper apples.
The Anaconda wrapped himself around both Cassandra’s and Olivia’s chairs and started to SQUEEZE!
Then he swallowed both girls whole.
Elizabeth screamed.
Reem fainted.
Kayla didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary.
Joshua shouted, “Ms. Robinson, you should get them out like I would get them out!”
“And how is that Joshua?” Ms. Robinson asked, but he didn’t answer so she called the office.
Meanwhile, it was dark inside the Anaconda.
Cassandra thought fast. She still had her scissors so she used them to cut the Anaconda open.
Cassandra and Olivia sprang out of the Anaconda’s belly.
Everybody felt sorry for the big snake so Ms. Robinson sewed him back up just like a surgeon, only she used purple thread.
After that, the Principal, Mrs. Berk, called the zoo and they came to take Mr. Wagman’s Anaconda away.
They put him in a cage and carried him past the 3rd grade classes…
And past the 4th grade classes…
And past the 5th grade classes…
They carried him down the long stairway.
They carried him out behind Mr. Spooner who was mopping up somebody else’s spilled milk.
At last they stopped by room 4 and Mr. Wagman’s first grade class said goodbye to their pet.
The kindergartners poked their heads out of the doors and waved goodbye too.
Now the Anaconda with the purple stitches in his belly lives at the San Francisco Zoo and he is very happy there. The zoo keepers never forget to feed him.

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