Friday, July 31, 2009


The sky grew dark
And thick clouds covered the mid-morning light.
Rain splattered against the roof and threw itself against the windows.
I listened to it coming down.

A thunderstorm.
Moisture in this thick air of summer,
lightning like fire.
I stayed in bed,
Warm, and paying close attention to the music of the storm.

The windows were open.
My eyes were closed.

A cool breeze blew through one open window and out the other.
My nose caught the draft, the damp air mixed with fresh flora and fauna.
I filled myself with the scent, with the newness of the outside.

Just beyond the window was the high pitched drone of tree leaves taking a beating.
Big drops of moisture came down with unrelenting force.

Flashes of lightning lit the inside of my eyes.
The thunder seemed synthetic, like the toy drums that simulate the real crashes of nature…
But it was real.
It was just outside the walls of wood and flesh.

Several seconds passed…
Several seconds passed…

The wind continued to rush across me.
I heard a bird calling.
What was it saying?

I turned my attention to the high pitched drone,
it was light, almost imperceptible in its squeal.
My body grew heavy, my mind receded to deeper layers of motion.

The thunder became scarce.
The lightning subsided.
The gray clouds vanished.

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