Thursday, May 7, 2009


The white spaces between words
pulse with heat
they melt into moans of adoration
shouting with their force
screaming their silent vowels of seduction.
The electrical flow rebounds
and moves in,
to mounds of flesh,
molding itself from love
grinding itself into compassion.
Emotion tumbles like a gentle river of blood
moving with grace
though its many flaws,
winding its way past white bones of identity
it searches for the true self
it seeks the silent light that hides in shadows,
the attentive stare that watches with no eyes,
the lover that cries without tears.
Love is consumptive,
it spreads with the force of a wild fire,
and breaking sticks in its paths
winding around the mountain like a ring from hell.
Sparks break free and rise to the night,
the ceremony of adoration is complete
and breaks through
the white between worlds.

1 comment:

epiph said...

well writ - i am over the hill, but i like it for those that are not